Built from natural resources
and reused antique materials

Welcome To One Of A Kinds

We design interesting, unique and affordable products built from antique materials and natural resources.

We built with a lot of passion and motivation, I love to bring back old and forgotten items and give them "a new purpose!"
Doing so, I work with different kind of materials and tools and enjoy learning more about products, materials, designing en tools each and every day!

Our belief is that a product is made with a purpose and it is given a 'soul'. Products carry a story with them which most of the times adds to their emotional and / or intricate value.
Each time a product changes owner, the story of the product continues.

Many people believe we live in a consumer society, where there seems no limit to the consumption of products.
This can lead to negative effects on many things. By using products from One of a Kinds,
you contribute to a better environment by recycling (already) amazing products.

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