Product description

After more than a decade, I parted with my drumkit. A friendly drumteacher bought the drumkit, but had no need for the cymbals and accompanying boomstands that came with the Yamaha set. I found the cymbal stands too neat to throw away, so I kept them literally close, under the bed. After several months I decided it was time to make them to good use and built several usefull objects out of them. This is the result of one of them. Combined with a lamp cover from a second hand store nearby where I work, this lamp looks clean and industrial. It also has a soul; it can turn and twist, in where in that way seems somewhat similiar to famous Pixar desklight. Unintentionally.

** This product has very slight wear on the lamp cover.

Product Details

  • Materials used: Cymbal boomstand
  • Price 140 euro
  • Categories: Verlichting, Vloerlampen
  • Sold Out!