Product description

This was a used desklight with a dull lampcover and heavy base, but intriquing design, stood in our local second hand store, waiting to be picked up. To me it was a surprise that such an exiting lamp with features that remind me of the famous Pixar lamp, still stood there, waiting. It was rather tall for a desk light, but it makes up for that in it's slimness. Ofcourse I brought it home and started thinking about a nice, warm looking and feeling wooden base for it. I wanted to play a little with contrast, but in the end giving it a little less contrast in the wood than I originally intended. Nevertheless, it's a descent light, which because of it's removed lampcover, shines quite brightly; as it deserves.

Product Details

  • Materials used: Mahogany wood, Maple wood
  • Price 70 euro
  • Categories: Verlichting, Tafel lampen
  • Sold Out!